KMF-109 Fashion Rowing Bike

Kuang Ming Feng Int

KMF-109 Fashion Rowing Bike KMF-109


1. Wheel:Fly wheel weights 4 kgs, with high sprocket ratio that makes a very smooth cycling movement.
2. Driven by belt, silence.
3. Meter(LCD):Speed、Distance、Time、Calorie、Scan
4. The Dual action:
   (1) Good feeling of rowing.
   (2) Handlebar to be pulled in with the force but it returns back automatically, an efficient workout.
   (3) Handlebar can be set in a fixed position for low body workout only.
   (4) When not in use, retract the handlebar and fix it, to be in store.
5. Dual Action G2, use gas spring, a new generation dual action exercise bike.
6. A very compact build domestic exercise bike, occupies only a small space.
7. Advantage of the gas spring:
   (1) This gas spring produces constantly a resistance force of 5 kg that the actual measurement of the calorie burn of the user become possible, this is a help to the people who is under the rehabilitation treatment.
   (2) Handlebar rowing action with a device of the gas spring assures a very smooth movement.
   (3) The gas spring is replaceable if necessary.
8. Seat & Handlebar adjustable.
9. Adjustable tension strap with the control levels
10. The alloy pedals arms
11. The end caps can adjust balance for the ground.
12. Assemble size(L*W*H):75*52*120 cm
13. The safety maximum weight:100 KGS

N. W./G.W.:16.5 / 18.5 KGS
Cu. Ft.:3.5'(71*21*65 cm)
20’/ 40’/ 40HQ:320 / 60 / 740 sets

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